The Gatsby Maze

Escape Room with VR and live actors that sends you back in time to fix the mess who lead us down this political dead end.

Change the past to save the present!

You and your friends take on the roles as Moment Alterers - secret agents in one of M.A.Z.E. Corporation’s missions, and together you solve puzzles, make important decisions, interact with our actors and hopefully secures the safety of our society today.

History is a web of errors: accidental as well as deliberate. These errors have had devastating consequences. M.A.Z.E.Corp has developed a technique for preventing these errors, saving millions of lives and ending crimes against humanity. This is not a small task, but we know you are the right one to fulfill it.

To become a Moment Alterer you simply have to secure your slot as soon as possible. Once your booking has been confirmed there can be no cancellations, refunds or reschedules made. The available times and dates are found here.

Please be at the adress 5 minutes before your starting time. In order for us to keep our schedule we cannot postpone our ending times, so if you are late, you’ll have less time to play. No specific abilities are necessary, however our location unfortunately isn’t adapted for wheelchairs.



The Gatsby Maze concepts are developed by Emma Bexell, Sjur Marqvardsen, Stefan Stanisic and Svante Back and produced by Bombina Bombast, First Kiss Production and Tiny Beast Production.


Premier in Oslo, Norway, April 2018 World premiere in Malmö, Sweden, November 2017 Cast in Norway Lars August Jørgensen, Desiree Isabel Bøgh Vaksdal Original live cast Sweeden Jerk Ohlson Westin, Adam Stålhammar Actors in VR-film Olof Yassin, Adriana Aburto Essén Scenography Svante Back Playwright, dramaturg Emma Bexell Directed by Stefan Stanisic Produced by Sjur Marqvardsen and Catrine Bek Arduino and 3D-modeling Victor Bergström Graphic design Rebecca Gislén Web design and development studio lye Thanks to Samir Arabi-Eter, Stena Fastigheter