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Art of Living Intuition Process in Oslo

  • Kongeveien 26 N-0787 Oslo (map)

Art of Living Intuition Process in Oslo - 30 - 31 May
Art of Living Senior (kids & youth from 8 - 18 yrs)

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Discover a hidden power within yourselves which allows you to tap into your full potential, to blossom fully and to bring harmony between intellectual thinking and creativity!

The Art of Living Intuition Process teaches simple and profound techniques which allow children and youth to unlock the inner power of Intuition.

Specific Art of Living techniques on brain activation and meditation enable participants to access, cultivate and maintain their inherent intuitive capacity. These special techniques can be practiced daily at home after the two-day program.

How the Intuition Process can help kids and youth tap into their full potential:

Decision making Skills
We have got so many choices. We are permanently deciding. Some decisions are small, some can be life changing. In the process of growing up, each choice we make is an important step towards becoming the person we want to be in life. How do we know what to choose? Will our pros and cons list help? Or should we better follow our emotions? Intuition brings the right thought at the right moment. It connects us to a bigger understanding of life, allowing us to take decisions from a space of clarity and knowing.

Learning Skills
There is so much to learn and discover. Through our intuitive abilities we can access new learning skills, different from everything that was taught us before. Participants share that, using the power of intuition, studying not only becomes easier, but that a whole new dimension of learning opens up, which wants to be explored.

Communication Skills
Most of the problems in our relations to friends, classmates and family start with our communication. Even if we do our best to understand and to be understood, words take us only this far. Intuition helps us to connect with people on a different level. We can feel the other person. We know what needs to be said and done without the other even telling us. This brings more harmony in our relations and helps us to be a real support for others when they need us.

Self Confidence
Accessing our intuitive abilities also means connecting with ourselves. While practicing the techniques taught in the Intuition Process, participants dive deep into their inner world. They establish a natural relation with themselves built on trust, harmony and love. Being aware of this beauty within, it becomes easier to relate to others, to stand up for what you want and to take up challenges in life.

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